Hello World

Welcome to this little place, my little place.

Beginnings are always complicated, and the first post in a new blog is a good example of that. I have had other blogs in the past, as a little blackboard where I used to put my thoughts in that moment and speak freely about whatever crossed my mind. But those blogs never had a focus on them, a continuous topic to elaborate or grow; they were just an amalgamation of topics with little to no relation between them. But this time is different. This time the focus is clear: photography.

People tend to create blogs about the topics that they most like, personally or professionally. This is a personal blog. Photography is not my job, and I have never studied it seriously, with a teacher. But it has been my hobby for the past 10 years, first as a “kid” playing with a limited compact camera while photographing everything my eye caught, and after that as a “grown up” in photography, trying to learn with the help of my reflex camera. Now, with all my experience on my back and with many hours of theory and practice in the field, I jump to the other side of the internet again, not consuming the knowledge and images other produce, but creating and sharing my own.

My intention is to focus not only in my own personal work, as many photographers do, but also in the knowledge behind it. I want to show my work, of course, as the best picture hidden in the depths of a hard disk is worth almost nothing. But I also want to share what makes my work special to me, what are the tricks behind them that you usually don’t see, but make the picture the way it is. I also want to compile and combine all knowledge I have been accumulating in the last years, as for example tricks or technical but useful data, so learning people can have all of it in the same place instead of having to be wandering from one place to another searching as I had to do (with the aggravated problem of remembering something you saw some months/years ago but you already don’t remember well). Right now, this looks like a long and hard enterprise; I wish I will be able to conclude it…

…But if not, at least the journey, wherever it leads, will be as interesting as the goal, and if I don’t manage to get all I want, at least whatever I manage to offer you I hope is worth enough to satisfy your curiosity (in the best case) or necessity(in the worst one).

So… It’s time for a new beginning!