What should not be

What should not be

Something I have learnt the hard way in the last few months: Never give yourself 100% to another person if that person needs help. If you do, the other person will soon start to want more and more help from yourself. Being at 100% from the beginning won’t allow you to give more and, in that moment, s/he will reproach you that instead of thanking for everything else you did (even if you did a lot expecting nothing in return, just for free). Instead of that just involve yourself as little as possible and nothing more. They will thank you exactly the same as if you had gone 100%, and when they ask you for more it will be easy to give just a tiny bit more to keep them happy.

On the long run, it doesn’t matter how much you did, just the last step matters. It’s a really sad truth, but it’s the way most people act.

Nothing matters except how much you can satisfy the expectations they have built about you (their expectations, created in the fantasy world of their minds). You effort or ability to be able to reach those expectations, even partially, are not important. If you are not able to reach the “final line” it doesn’t matter how much you helped or how hard you had to work to help. If you don’t give everything they expect to you, they will treat you as if you had given nothing at all.

In films effort is always rewarded and doing the right thing is worth at the end. I guess that’s why films exist: they comfort us and offer a different outcome to that of real life. Instead of a tug of war where everybody tries to get as much as possible from us giving as less as possible, they show us a fair ending where karma exist and everyone gets what they deserve. But in real life effort usually doesn’t compensate and look and luck are the only forces moving around.

At the end, we all carry the “evil” within us, even when we consider ourselves in the “good team”. If you look at yourself and think you are a good person, probably you are just looking towards the side that suits you.


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