“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows”. Japanese proverb.


So, this is how my little journey into my mind ends. Perhaps it wasn’t deep enough to be memorable. Perhaps it wasn’t long enough to be taken seriously. But if you take some time to think on each text, to see each picture, to see the whole picture filling the gaps in every text, and also between texts, you will find some richness that sometimes we forget.

It was a lovely journey through a beautiful land. And it was also a lovely journey to my mind, to my thoughts in the last few months. Some thoughts that we don’t consider important until a bad moment arise, in the same way that we don’t stop to think about the air and breathing until we discover, usually panicking, that we cannot breathe.

This is my tiny contribution for a journey that, sadly, every human being has to do in their lives from time to time (sometimes even more than once). I hope that you have enjoyed it and it helped you to understand, comprehend and see the beauty in a situation usually considered as ugly and unpleasant. Or at least to understand better the people who are passing through a time of suffering.

Even in the worst situations we can find something beautiful. Even in the worst situations we can learn and get something good from them. Usually we are not able to change the bad things, not even help the ones suffering around us (or ourselves). But, if we have to go all the way through it, at least let’s get some profit from it. If we cannot avoid it, at least make it worth.

We can always end a day a little bit wiser than we started it.


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