“There’s a new day dawning as a cold rain falls and now’s the time to walk alone”. Man in the rain – Mike Oldfield.


When you are in peace with yourself you discover that being alone is not lonely anymore. That you don’t need anybody else to be happy. That the sun looks brighter in the morning, and the stones on the buildings and floor are not as cold as you though. That you don’t need anyone around to make your whole world work.

The world shows the same colors as always did, but completely different. The red will still be red, but warmer. Oranges prettier. Greens purer. And the blues… the blues just disappear to become songs from another era.

A new horizon full of possibilities. And empty canvas waiting to be painted. A thick book of white pages designed to be filled with whatever you want to write. You become the author of your own life, and only one person has the power to decide what will be done afterwards: yourself.

And the place where you began is still there, but is not the same place anymore (and never will).

And the people who destroyed you are still there, but won’t have any power over you from now on (and never will).

And you got broken to pieces, and rebuilt again in the process. You are not the same person anymore (and never will).

But the new you… It is all you need to be.


Place: Tavertet

Speed: 1/125 s.

Aperture: f/5.0

ISO: 250

Focal: 58 mm

Model: Alba Pe [FB] [IG]


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