“You’ve got to get yourself together. You’ve got stuck in a moment and now you can’t get out of it” Stuck in a moment you can’t get out of – U2.


One of the hardest things a human being can learn is to not do anything at all. It’s counterintuitive to our nature. We are a species of problem solvers, animals able to adapt to almost any situation by changing ourselves or the environment that surrounds us. We are able to control the nature to our pleasure and use everything around us in the most imaginative ways. From the fire to the nuclear power. From the wheel to quantum computers. We were born in a planet already adapted to our necessities by our ancestors, and it’s because of that that we feel the necessity of having everything under control.

But in many situations what is required is, precisely, the opposite: to let the time pass, to let the world continue its course without our interference, and just be witnesses of how everything evolves. But instead of just stepping aside and watch, we struggle to do anything else, whatever we can, to feel that we are controlling the situation. And, in many times, we end worsening the situation.

When drowning, one of the best solutions is just to float still, horizontally, instead of trying to swim. This supposes a way of reserving energies to the future, and increasing our lifespan in the long run, until someone else finds us. And emotionally it works the same way. If we try to fight our pain with all our forces we will soon become emotionally exhausted, fighting even our dearest friends and family, and contemplating how we drown into despair while losing everything. But floating still, just without “touching” anything, just accepting every day as it is, might be enough to keep our forces until the time we can effectively fight our problems.

Because if fighting our problems just brings more problems, there’s no way we can win that fight.

Sometimes, the good things take long to come. Toto told us to “Hold the line” and Guinness that “Good things come to those who wait”. Eventually, everything shall pass, like in the ancient Indian tale. In many occasions things are moving around us, even if we are too blind to see them move. We all are tiny worlds with people orbiting around us. People who change us in many ways every day, although sometimes we don’t see it and we feel lonely and unimportant. Or it is not the person we would like it was…

The irony about sadness is that we expect it to be healed by the person who caused it.


Place: Estany de Banyoles

Speed: 1/250 s.

Aperture: f/8.0

ISO: 100

Focal: 40 mm

Model: Alba Pe [FB] [IG]


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