“Especially at night I worry over situations I know I’ll be alright. Perhaps it’s just imagination. […] Night after night my heartbeat shows the fear.” Overkill – Men at work.


Watching the Pantà de Sau (Reservoir of Sau) when it is full of water grants you a wonderful sight of the landscape surrounding it. High steep hills all around the water and trees covering every meter of land. The perfect place for a summer evening getaway. But when the water descends, a more interesting thing appears.

It turns out that under the water there is an abandoned church. It was there before the water, with the rest of a village, and was abandoned when the reservoir was created. Still, the water couldn’t destroy it and, if the level is low, the bell tower of the church appears in the middle of the surface, like the haunted ghost of a better time. If you are lucky, you can reach it with a canoe. If you’re luckier, the water will be so low that you will be able to enter on foot and walk around the ruins, like an archeologist discovering the ruins of an ancient civilization.

It makes me think in how life tends to submerge us in so many kinds of problems, until we surrender and accept to live drowned, accepting that situation as the “normal circumstances of life”. How we tend to accept the pressure just because we feel there is nothing else to be done. When we are in our personal night, drowning in a sea of tears, it is the only thing we seem to be able to perform.

But from time to time, the water flows away, the pressure descends, and the true essence of us arises for everyone willing to see. Sometimes just a part of our true selves, and sometimes we get completely out of the water for a small period of time until it returns again. But in any case, if someone is lucky enough to be there, s/he will be able to see the amazing show of being ourselves, with all of our greatnesses and with all of our beauty, empty of misery and pain.

It’s a pity that the surroundings of us are usually lonely, with no one really interested in looking instead of just seeing. And at the end, more sooner than later, we will feel drowned again, looking for salvation under the sea of problems and worries.


Place: Pantà de Sau

Speed: 1/250 s.

Aperture: f/8.0

ISO: 100

Focal: 105 mm


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