“You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness, like resignation to the end, always the end”. Somebody that I used to know – Gotye.


Walking around Tavertet just at dawn, when everyone is still in bed, makes you feel really lonely. You are surrounded by old and cold stones in buildings, roads… meant to be used by people, but there is no one around to use them. Only you.

The birds singing and the cool breeze hitting your ears are the only sounds that reach you from time to time. The rest is just silence, emptiness, void. If you walk, the noise of your footsteps follows you, but it’s just an echo, a byproduct of your own presence and nothing more. Stop moving, stop wasting energy, and the sound disappears again. You are a product of civilization, in the middle of a civilized place, but completely alone.

And yet, it can become addictive. The sun raising, slowly, with its orange light that seems warm but can’t fight the cold surrounding air. The quietness, so estrange for the people of the busy cities where everything is in movement and activity never ceases. The contrast of the mountains, the sky and the small stone buildings opposed to the concrete skyscrapers of the city… A charming perspective that can make you get lost in the middle of nowhere, feeling happy of the security it imbues in you. The security of no one near you able to harm you.

And it reminds me of many people all around the world. People seeking shelter in the loneliness, in the emptiness of aching souls just to avoid suffering more pain. People addicted to being alone, looking for it actively (even if they don’t really want to), just because it feels safe. It’s kind of addictive feeling alone while suffering, keeping everyone far away as a protection against pain.

But in the long run, if you stand still for too long in the border of the cliff where Tavertet is, you’ll become bored and cold. The sun will end its rising and will start to decline. The day will become night, and the temperature will drop. No food to provide energy for walking and, eventually, you end the journey becoming as cold as one of the old stones which form the ground.

And the worst of all is losing the opportunity to see, to live, everything else life is deploying in your journey.

So it is time to start walking again, heading to the next place to reach. To say goodbye to the beautiful views of the town, and remembering the isolated calm from a different place. What you learnt there will still be with you wherever you go afterwards.


Place: Tavertet

Speed: 1/250 s.

Aperture: f/5.0

ISO: 250

Focal: 24 mm


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