“If he asks you good buddy was I laughing, tell him I was crying… tell him I was crying”. Railroad worksong – The Notting Hillbillies.


Sometimes, things end with the prettiest colors, with the most extraordinary explosions of light. In the most destructive, but still beautiful, way. But even in its beauty it feels catastrophic.

The end of something important is always a hard event. It may be the loss of a family member, the breakup with a partner you are still in love with, the loss of the job of your life, the betrayal of someone you considered your friend or failing that one last chance about something. In those moments is hard to see anything else than darkness and desperation, as if the world you knew was completely gone and nothing else remained in life to be done. Sadness, even depression, might be the only companion we get in those moments, and when the people from outside try to make us see the good things around, the only thing we feel is their misunderstanding of the situation. Empty advice, easy words said to give more satisfaction to the adviser than to the advised, is all company some people may have. Of course, they do it with the best of the intentions, but completely lacking of usefulness, from a so distant perspective that they are not even worth remembering soon after.

It’s hard to see the colors of the dusk when you believe that the day is your complete life, and it is almost gone.

But future is always changing in many different and unpredictable ways. And although we can imagine a full spectrum of future possibilities, we always keep our mind locked in the most destructive one, the pessimistic outcome. We forget that sometimes, those endings, those changes, lead to some new things that turn out to be better, and we wouldn’t have reached them without that forced ending.

Usually, problems are worse in our minds.

So the next time you suffer from an ending, stop for a while (anyway, why hurry? you won’t have anywhere to go in that moment… Right?) and look around. Perhaps you are missing a lovely show while crying for a future that nobody knows still about. Perhaps, as time goes by, you will realize that those sad times were, in fact, important times, when your life changed in a radical way to something better and you were not noticing.

And if it is not the case… try at least to find the best thing in the middle of your desperation. You are going to suffer it anyway, so taking something good from it, even if it is tiny, will make the bad things slightly less bad.

And that’s a great way to start a new era.


Place: Sant Vicens de Torelló

Speed: 1/40 s.

Aperture: f/5.0

ISO: 200

Focal: 105 mm


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