In the following days, I am posting a work I’ve been preparing for the last few weeks: Sojourn.

It started as every good adventure does: with a journey.  I got lost (in good company) for almost a week in the deepest of one of the most famous regions of Spain: Catalonia. And although it is widely known by its political issues regarding independence, I could just forget about this and focus in the beautiful landscapes and places it has to offer.

Traveling usually awakes my mind and makes me think on many things, some of them abstract, some personal, but usually philosophical. When you climb to the top of the highest mountain around or contemplate the surface of a reservoir, many things can populate your mind. Not only awe about the landscape, but also the mind is skilled into making wide and abstract connections with many other topics. You start thinking about who you are, what makes you the person that you have become, what decisions you took that could have led to different consequences… And also you think about the people you care most (even if they don’t know or don’t care in the same way).

When I started this journey, I was asked by someone close to bring with me something “free or very cheap” as a present. Although the “very cheap” part was fulfilled a few days ago, I came to the idea of the “free” part: I was giving my experience as a gift. My own experience trough photography. Not only pictures of the places I visited (we all have those pics, even more nowadays with a camera in every smartphone). My pictures were carefully taken and selected, and accompanied with feelings. Those feelings come in the form of texts (my thoughts about them), but also with pieces of music, with quotes, even with a story behind (that the reader will have to unravel by filling the wide gaps I’ve been leaving behind). The picture this time is just one more brick of something bigger, a part of me. I wanted to make people feel what I felt when I was there. And I want make people stop and think a little bit about every topic, and how what is written, and the picture, relate to their own life and experience.

Although every picture is accompanied with a personal reflection, not all thoughts arose just at the moment of taking the pictures, in the same way that not all my thoughts and opinions are reflected in this work. Sometimes only trough deep and careful meditation (even hours of thinking and writing the same paragraph) we can reach to the true meaning of something. But what it is important about a picture is not usually what it made feel the photographer when he took it, but what it makes the viewer feel after contemplating it.

So this work tries to be the “picture of my mind”, of the thoughts and considerations I have been having in my mind for the last few months, and how this journey (completely outside of my comfort zone) can relate to them. Like the Sojourner rover sent to Mars, from which this work takes its name, this is the exploration of something new (a place), related with something old (my mind) to discover the truth about something important (myself).

I hope you enjoy this experience, and find the places, sensations and thoughts as amazing as I did.


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