Passing the Time

Passing the Time

With just a mug and a coffee jar
you can travel really far.
Suddenly, you hear midnight chime
and you realize the pass of time.

It’s been a long time since I last participated in Flickr Friday. For anyone not knowing it, it’s a Flickr’s group that every Friday launches a new topic and you have one week to create and submit a picture about it. I don’t usually participate, sometimes because my lack of time (you cannot send any picture, it must be taken during the corresponding week) and sometimes because the topic doesn’t connect with my inspiration. Although the themes are usually broad, they imply a restriction by nature, so sometimes it is difficult to get a picture about that. I like to work free, and to allow my scenery to develop in front on my eyes until I get something I like. On this situation, the responsibility of confining the scenery to an idea gets on me, which is not my strongest point.

The first time I participated, was with Heroic Actions, a picture in the “MoneyMoneyMoney” theme. After a few concept tries and many pictures, I got the picture, and I was lucky enough to get it selected. The result was a very high number of visitors, relative to my usual number. Afterwards when I participated, I wasn’t lucky enough to get my picture selected by the administrators of the group.

But yesterday I saw the topic, I had nothing to do at that moment, and I started to play with objects, lights and my camera. Photographing glass is a difficult task because the way the light has to reflect and scatter on transparent material. But this difficulty is also part of the fun, so I decided to go on “hard mode” on purpose. Also, I wanted to test my new lighting umbrella. I bought it thinking on model sessions outwards (I’m planning one for this August, I hope it goes well), but I think it can get some nice light inside also (although my small room makes difficult using big appliances, and the umbrella is… well… big). With all of that, and the spare hour I had, this is what I got. I have to admit it’s certainly not my best picture, and I have tendency to repeat planes and compositions when I work on “studio”, but still I’m happy with the result. Perhaps it’s not brilliant, but at least I think it got catchy, and finding an excuse to take a picture is always welcome.

Now, it’s time to return to the hard-working-world again, until the next time I can find and excuse to photograph. Hope it will happen soon.


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