This picture ends my triad on the damselflies. I got the front, and the side, and now is time to show the top. Now I believe I can state that I have showed everything a damselfly has to be shown. This time, the place and the bug are different.

At the end of our rural trip we went to a place I already knew, near the dam. I had been there 6 years before, taking pictures, and I wanted to see the state of the place after this period of time. It was then the first time I saw a damselfly, and I managed to capture it photographically (sometimes I believe I capture animals in pictures in the same way kids capture Pokemon nowadays, now that it is a trending topic). It turns out that in this occasion we found again some white damselflies there, and I took the opportunity to repeat the picture. We were already tired and thirsty, so we didn’t stayed for long, but some nice pictures still were possible.

This is the result. They are the same color and shape. Probably, even similar size. It is very likely that they are not the same, after 6 long years, but they might be relatives. At least it’s comforting to see how nature doesn’t change too much in some places, and you can find the same animal communities after a few years of difference. I think I will have to return there in a few years to see if I can find them again.

I hope you have enjoyed these three thematic pictures. At least I hope to have shown you that not all insects are nasty bugs, and that some of them can be quite pretty when you stop to look at them closely.


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