This is the second picture of the damselfly cycle. This is the same one I showed on Living on the edge, but this time captured on its side. From an artistic perspective, the former one had more potential, but in an aesthetic way this one is more appealing, as it focuses more on the body of the insect and less on the specific position. The lack of contrast in the hues between the leaf, the damselfly, and the background also makes this picture risky; i.e. the bug is clearly pretty and interesting, but the picture as a whole is not as catchy as it could be. Still, I think it is worth publishing.

It was taken with a Canon 100mm L IS USM lens. This little lens amazed me from the very first time I used it. When I bought it, it was worth 900 €, right now you can find it for near 800 (for example, in Amazon). Don’t think of that amount of money as expensive: the lens is worth every cent you pay for it. Its sharpness and definition are outstanding for the 22 MPx of my 5D Mark 3 (and, of course, better in my 15 MPx 500D), the focusing engine is fast, precise and silent, and the quality of the color can be noticed even by the less technical people. Also, the ability to focus at macro distance is a plus in fun. Do you see something small? Just get as close to it as you can and take the picture. 22 MPx allow for very big printing sizes, and nothing is more attractive than a big and detailed picture of something you don’t usually can see with your eyes.

This damselfly falls in that category of items. Even if you can see one live, they are usually easily scared and very tiny to be appreciated in detail. You can glimpse their color or the beauty of their flight. It’s more difficult to see the details of the black stripes, or perhaps the shape of their mouth and head. These kinds of pictures are for stopping on the details and enjoying what you can’t usually see.

So chill out, take your time, watch it bigger and enjoy what you see. This damselfly stopped one day for a few seconds to allow you to watch it (probably, from hundreds of kilometers away).


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