Sometimes, the air gets heavy

Sometimes the air gets heavy

Sometimes, the air gets heavy.

You can feel it in every breath.  Dense, humid and viscous. You feel the charge crawling along your arms’ skin, perhaps your legs’ also. And then it happens: a blinding light, and the corresponding noise. A discharge of pure energy, which was one moment ago contained in the middle of the air and, now, just dissipates in the atmosphere, in the earth, in the water…

Sometimes they are simple and ordered, others complex and chaotic, but always beautiful and powerful. The awe inspiring forces of the nature, showing one more time that even with all our technology and all our knowledge, we are no more than ants against them. We look up to the sky to contemplate the show; we use our fine technology to capture the moment forever. And in our memories and in our images we remember the true beauty of the released energy, without master or guide, because even when we manage to capture it in a lightning rod, it is only because the ray decided to visit it, voluntarily.

Who could feel nothing against such amazing display of force? Who could watch upwards, unshaken, in the middle of the storm, while one of the most basic forces dances around like a giant god in the middle of the playground?

This is what happens just before you notice the loud bang.

And now, you know how tiny you really are.


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