The story of a tree – Moonrise

The story of a tree - Moonrise

There is little to tell here. Two of the three pictures were already published, and the third one was discarded against The visit of aunt Cassiopeia. The thematic is almost the same in all of them, and I consider that publishing too many pictures about the same topic can be a little boring and monothematic, so it got out.

But I saw the three of them together, and I had to create the composition. It is said that a picture has to be a part of something bigger, that there must be a story behind every picture taken, and not just random snapshots taken without a linking thread. Here, the story develops around a tree, and his home: the sky, the land, the moon… and the illumination. A simple story, but I consider it aesthetically captivating.

Just relax, look at the sequence, and enjoy its simplicity. That is happening every night all around the world, and still most of the time is missed, as people is bored looking somewhere else.


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