Reservoir Cats

Reservoir Cats

This one is obviously a joke. When you attend to a scientific congress and you are given with your documentation a pair of sunglasses as a gift you cannot expect anything else.

Our first impression was that they were provided to allow us to calmly sleep during lectures. A three-day marathon of chemistry talks is hard for anyone. Early in the morning or late in the evening was usual to see people fail to focus on the topic, with extenuated faces and looking at the wall with a blank stare. Of course, if everyone had used them nobody would have noticed. But we had this thought just for a moment, until we tried them and discovered how badass we looked in them.

It cannot be seen in the picture, but they are completely blue (with a white advertisement logo on one of the sides). Not the best or fanciest color for a badass look, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter. When you go as a group, walking in the halls of the Chemistry Faculty, the color of the glasses doesn’t matter, because you look cool. And when you sit on the room, occupying half of a row, staring at the public seriously with them, you get even cooler. Some things just have one reason to be done: They can be done. This one was one of those.

These guys (and girl) are some of the components of the Coordination Chemistry Laboratory in the faculty. Their job is to design and create new drugs against cancer, and new tools that can be used to develop new chemical compounds in a smart way, e.g., marking in a selective way drugs with different isotopes in order to follow them when they enter the body. They are clever, they are really hard-workers, and they work on a very important job. But what they are not is too serious. You might work for many hours in a really difficult task, but the sense of humor is something that you should never lose. And assisting to a lecture about new nanomaterials, wearing blue sunglasses while mimicking Reservoir Dogs style… is something that should not be forgotten. Nobody can now say that scientists are boring people with no sense of humor.

So… if someday you need a chemist… if no one else can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can hire… The Reservoir Cats.

And, of course, never lose your sense of humor. Probably is the only thing that will make you laugh even on the harder moments.


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