Bad Girl

Bad Girl

Sometimes photography is about capturing an unrepeatable moment in order to to keep it forever tied into an image. Other times, it’s just about taking the best possible photo, with great quality and great detail. And other times… it’s just about fun.

They say that a picture always needs to have a story behind it, some kind of history that adds purpose to the image and allows people to think deeply about what they saw. But sometimes, the story is just that the photographer and the model were just having fun, and something interesting happened. It is not a matter of transmitting a feeling, neither capturing an especial moment. It’s just playing to see what happens, and loving it.

She is Camila, my Chilean Bad Girl, and she is really bad as the picture depicts. But in fact, she is not bad at all, she is probably one of the most cheerful person I know. She is always happy and she is always joking. And in one joking moment she saw me taking pictures of her and started to quickly change her expressions. One of those expressions happened to transform her into this “bad girl”, which I was lucky enough to capture. So now, thanks to the magic of photography, I have met a new face of her. A completely fake face, it’s true, but also as real as any character is to their corresponding actor or actress. And I think that’s the fun part of it.

Trough photography we can be whatever we want, as an actor can be in a film. Imagination is the limit, and a good mood can paint in the canvas situations impossible to achieve by any other methods. Confidence and a happy mood can do the work that a million lessons about photography wouldn’t do. Sometimes we take things too seriously, too professionally. It is a good idea, from time to time, to just relax, enjoy, and let the camera play. As I explained with Slyness, this is the key to capture a great portrait, to transmit what the person really is. And this one shows what Camila really is… a fake Bad Girl, loving to laugh.


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