The key for a great portrait is capturing the essence of the person, not just a pretty face. It is possible to get the best illuminated portrait of the most beautiful person with the best possible quality, and still get a cold picture unable to transmit any emotion to the viewer. Capturing the soul, what makes that person different from anyone else, is the real target of portraiture. A picture that allows truly knowing the person depicted, even if it was never seen before. A picture with personality, with character.

This one is a second try. I took it a few months ago, while we were taking a rest. At that moment I wanted the cold, realistic portrait (that I thought it would work as a great picture); some kind of picture she liked just because it had the best quality. Initially I took a few pictures like this, but eventually she started to “get shy” and try to hide in different ways. I didn’t know at that time that that was what really had the potential for an interesting picture. It was afterwards, looking at all the series calmly, that I realized where the true potential was. I tried to process this one, but it still resulted in a dull and boring picture, too classical, and got discarded. The chosen one was You know, just hiding. The topic was the same, but it was more obvious, easier to find a background for it. And this one got lost in the depths of my hard disk for centuries… well, ok, just a couple of months that seemed centuries.

A few days ago I was bored and wanted to try some things. I started practicing with this picture a few modifications and adjustments. When I finished, I realized that the picture was in a good path. Certainly not finished yet, but I had seen something that I didn’t before. What you see now is the final result. It’s not better than You know, just hiding, but at least as good, and certainly it is better than what I had in mind when I took it.

Her name is Icxiuh, you might already know her if you have followed my work. Now, just look at the picture for a while: at her eyes, her expression, the details… After a while you will have started to know her in a way that very few other pictures of her would have you allowed to.

And that’s a portrait!


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