The Pearl of Japan (Reprise)

The Pearl of Japan (Reprise)
I have just released a new picture. This one is from my archive, taken on February 21st, 2016. The original picture, released a couple of months ago, depicted the same girl just in another pose, more stylish. This version was left behind until today.

This is from the Carnival parade in my city, and this girl, and many other that accompanied her, were dressed as geishas, dancing along the street. One of the interesting points of the costume is the bright and catchy color, based in gold and aquamarine, so it was maintained on the original one. On this reprise, on the contrary, I have decided to go on black and white on purpose. The trade is to lose the power the color offers to capture the attention in exchange of emphasizing the contrast on the details, as the pearls of the dress or the figures on the hair ribbon. Those details were more subtle on the original one, as they were close in tone instead of far in luminosity, like now. Also, high contrast black and white makes the face and makeup of the girl stronger and shaper, with more detail, increasing the realistic character of the picture.

The smile and the hand position of the girl increase the overall appealing of the picture, offering a positive mood to the viewer. The bright tones of the background also fit in this mood. It’s a clear and sharp image that transmits the happiness of the moment.

This picture is posted on my account on Flickr, 500px and Instagram. Do you like it? You can comment here or in any of the accounts and transmit me your impressions and ideas. They’re always welcome.


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